Frank's Story

Frank found himself moving from having a professional job he enjoyed to drinking a bottle of whiskey a day within the space of a year. With help from Addiction NI, he’s getting his health and his life sorted out.

Frank was never a big drinker. His children, sport and his job as an accountant kept him too busy. He only started drinking at the age of 21 and it was strictly on social occasions. He was much keener on keeping fit and playing regular sport. Then at 42, his company went bust. A close friend died, followed quickly by the death of his brother. He found himself drinking increasing amounts during the evening. Soon he was also drinking during the day.

“My family told me I was drinking too much. I felt I’d had such a bad time that a few drinks of an evening helped me get through, but now I realise I was heading towards dependency.”

“Then I had an accident and had to go to hospital. They took blood samples and told me my liver count was very high. Then my own doctor asked me how much I was drinking. All my test results showed I had been drinking to excess.”

Frank’s doctor advised him to go to Addiction NI. He realised that you don’t have to be at “rock bottom” to get help with drinking. “What I like about this place is there’s no lecturing, no recriminations, no stigma. It’s an essential service and they do a great job at Addiction NI. Drinking creeps up on you, but talking it through here allowed me to take control of myself and my drinking.”

“Things have changed since the days when I was drinking a litre of whiskey a day, all that’s thanks to Addiction NI.”

Frank’s health has greatly improved. His blood tests now show normal readings. He still has a drink, but knows how to keep control.

“My family knew I was overdoing the drinking, but it was Addiction NI that put me right”