Lisa's Story

Lisa started taking pain medication on prescription at the age of 18. By the age of 22 she was addicted to prescription and over the counter pain killers. Lisa sought help from Addiction NI.

Lisa was prescribed pain medication for a medical problem at the age of 18. After a short time she began topping up her prescription with extra strength painkillers bought from local pharmacies.

“When my addiction was at its worst, I couldn’t get out of bed without taking the painkillers. This went on throughout the day and usually the night too.”

“I’d had a lot of problems in my life that I’d never really talked about, but taking the pills everyday became the most important thing in my life. It was only when I realised the damage these pills were doing to my health, and that my life was revolving around them that I looked for help. I was depressed all the time when I was taking them. I was 22 and I looked in the mirror one day and I looked like a 42 year old.”

Lisa came to Addiction NI for help.

“Addiction NI have worked with my doctor to get me over the physical addiction to the drugs. But they have also helped me with the emotional side of it too. A lot of things had happened that made me feel like taking the painkillers, but I can see now that I was wasting my life. Addiction NI has helped me to stop the drugs and plan my life without them.”